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Observations from the Nature Log

The observant Chik-Wauk visitors have done it again. Our Nature Log board was full this morning, so we wiped it clean and are ready to start all over again.

If the board’s to be believed, berry season is upon us and we’ve had lots of visitors lucky enough to spot a moose. Here’s what visitors spotted during the first two and a half weeks of July:

Wildlife Sightings:
7/3: Cow Moose
7/8: Beaver
7/10: Cow Moose and Calf
7/11: Bee
7/11: Cow Moose
7/12: Big Turtle!
7/16: An eagle and moose and baby
7/17: Black Bear on Old Gunflint Trail

7/5: Ripe strawberries
7/9: Harebells
7/10: Raspberries
7/12: Blueberries
7/16: Blueberries
7/20: (Some) Blueberries

Bird sightings:
7/10: Bald eagle, loon, falcon, hawk, grouse
7/12: Loon in bay
7/15: Common goldeneye with two ducklings
7/17: Hummingbird

7/9 A voyageur on the porch
7/10: Tadpole
7/10: Magnetic rocks
7/10: Frog and tadpole
7/15: Virginia Ctenuchid (a day flying moth)
7/15: Horse Fly

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