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It’s Always Spring at Chik-Wauk

Over the last week, temperatures cooled significantly at the end of the Gunflint Trail and some much needed rain quenched the forest and flower beds. Despite the cooler temps, the long evenings filled with lingering daylight remind us that summer is sneaking towards us on the calendar. It might seem a little tardy, but on Saturday morning, the Chik-Wauk museum committee gave the museum a good spring cleaning.
The museum installers who spent two weeks at the end of May getting all of the exhibits were tidy workers and they didn’t leave much a mess behind them. Still, some smudges had accumulated and dusty windowsills and shelves needed a “once over.” The crew made quick work of cleaning even the most out of the way nooks and crannies.

In just over two hours, the crew had the place sparkling, but plenty of work remains as the countdown to the Grand Opening begins to be measured in days rather than months!

It might be a little late to be getting around to spring cleaning, but truth be told, it’s always spring at Chik-Wauk. That’s thanks to the beautiful mural/diorama that greets visitors as they enter the museum. Since Chik-Wauk will operate primarily in the summer months, we wanted to offer visitors a glimpse at the springtime wonderment of the Northwoods. The diorama features spring blooms (irises, marsh marigolds, bunchberry and others) and a collection of baby animals, including this little moose.

Whatever the season, we hope you’ll swing by. We promise to keep the place so clean, you’ll think it must be spring!

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